Furnace & Batch House
BGL has 4 furnaces having a capacity of 45 sq. mtr., 72 sq. mtr., 20 sq. mtr. & 15 sq. mtr. end fired regenerative furnaces built by KTG of U.K The furnaces are dual fired and are served by a fully automatic Batch Plant along with Silica Sand Processing Plant & supported by well equipped Chemical Laboratories. A 750 KW Electric Booster from SORG – Germany has been installed to supplement the melting capacity of BGL Unit-I from 110 tons per day to 130 tons per day to meet increasing marketing demands

Production Lines
The furnaces feed 10 automated production lines. Ten fore-hearths are of KW 81 design. Forming machines comprise of four double gob 8 station and six double gob 6 section, all from emhart switzerland. All ten I.S. machines are equipped with emhart verti-flow mould cooling system for high-speed production of lightweight NRB’s All these lines feature electronic timing equipment by emhart and futronic with provisions for single gob operations to produce litre returnable Beverage and juice bottles. Ten dual fired Annealing Lehrs are built by SAS- U.K. and each capacity of 50 tons per day. All annealing lehrs are equipped with hot end as well as Cold end spray coating.

Testing and Inspection
These lehrs feed single lining equipment, which are equipped with a bank of automatic inspection machines. These include, Squeeze Testers, Bore Head Gaugers & Check detectors from emhart powers. This automatic inspection equipment at cold end is used as part of a total quality management approach.

Decoration & Labeling
The production of soft drinks & juice bottles are decorated on two ROSARIO each of 3 CS-100 & 3 CS-125 machines each having capacity of 85 & 125 bottles per minute in 3 colours respectively. These decorating machines are served by four 2.43 meter wide dual fired (Gas/Electricity/LPG) Decorating Lehrs by CNUD and Antonini. The company has its own film and screen making facilities. A labeling machine from Trine – USA has been installed to do the labeling on glass containers as required by the customers.

Self Power Generation
In order to satisfy the commanding circle of prestigious and internationally known clients throughout Pakistan and in international market, several measures have been adopted by the company to maintain the highest standards of quality. Every product is individually checked with meticulous attention to the smallest detail. Since glass manufacturing is a continuous process, uninterrupted power supply is essential for successful operations and the quality of glass produced. During 2002 the company installed self-power generating units for uninterrupted power supply to ensure continued and smooth production, avoid production losses and reduce ever-increasing cost of electricity.

Depending on customers requirements finished, undecorated, decorated and labelled bottles can be palletized and shrink-wrapped or packed in Poly sacks, Cartons or Plastic Crates as per the packing need or our customers.